Online Biz – Help! I Keep Purchasing Bad Internet Marketing Products

Let’s just go ahead and be honest here, most internet marketing products over promise and under deliver. If you have ever purchased one of these products and I’m sure you have, it sucks but we all have, you may go through the motions of feeling scammed and even like a fool. Although, it is always ethical to have integrity and do what you say you are going to do, EXACTLY when and how you say you are going to do it, sometimes it may seem that the only place that the word integrity can be found online is in the online dictionaries. Some of us have even purchased an amount of bad products beyond what you can count on 10 fingers and 10 toes! However don’t fret, there are ways to lessen the negative emotions that you feel after you discover you are now in one of these bad products. Don’t be too down on yourself and decide to never buy again and miss out on some amazing opportunities that may get you over the hump, because I assure you that what you need IS out there.

If you have found yourself in one of these products you can look at it as common ground. Welcome to the community! We’ve all walked where you are. Many who have traveled down this same road of purchasing bad product after bad product have eventually gone on to find the success and freedom they were looking for. Also, especially if you are just starting out, the product may not have delivered all that was promised but what is something new that you learned from it? The method may not be for you, but what little piece (and it may be VERY little) of valuable information can you take for yourself to utilize in your future online biz? No one can absolutely polish a turd, but if you can go on to just utilize one of those strategies with the right vehicle, you can make money online.

In this process of finding the right product for us, there comes a time where we may need to refine what we are looking for. But how can you know what to look for without knowing what to look for? Exactly! So it’s good to have an amazing mentor the first time around as this is what we all have to discover as we come around to this new internet marketing world. So yes you may try a few bad products, but you’re soaking in whatever new information they add to your mental files and you are also learning what to look for next time.

There a no shortcuts or overnight success (unless you do a hell of a lot of work the first day). Success in online marketing is achieved through initial hard work. Yes, it gets easier as you make money online because then you can just pay someone to do the little time-consuming tasks (but that’s another article). In the beginning, it’s you grinding away with the investment of your time, more so than money. However, the work you do now (if done correctly) will create a residual income and pay you for years to come.

Is That Marketing Product Really Worth It?

In the world of online marketing today, there are thousands of products and services available to help you improve your business, get more web traffic, and simply earn more money. One problem that I have found is that not only does the quality of products vary wildly, the cost does also. When people buy products online, there is one question that should always be asked, but often isn’t. Is this product really worth it?

The answer to this question is sometimes very hard to discern. Personally, I prefer to look at business purchases on a purely economic basis. Put simply, will buying this product or service result in earning more money than it costs. If you don’t believe that it will, then the choice is an easy one… don’t buy it. It just doesn’t make sense to do so. At this point some of you are probably saying, “if I knew how much money it would make me, it would always be an easy choice.” I would certainly agree with that statement. The cost of the product is usually very easy to calculate, but the earnings can be far more complicated.

When considering the earning potential of a marketing product, there are several things that should be considered. First, look at the expected short-term results. Will the product start driving traffic and sales immediately or will it take several months for the results to start to show up? Also, are the benefits from the marketing product long-lasting such as optimizing your website for SEO or are they short term like a newsletter advertisement? With products that will likely take months to pay off, make sure that you can afford to spend the money now even though you won’t see any earnings from it for quite some time.

Things can be even more complicated with products that don’t have easily trackable results like PR services. An improved company reputation is certainly good for business, but it is very difficult to point to specific sales that resulted from the expense. There is not any easy calculation or estimate that can be done to figure out the earning potential of a product, but be sure that you consider all of the benefits, beyond direct sales and revenues.

There are really two broad types of marketing products and services- Those that you could do yourself and those that you couldn’t. This is an important distinction to make because many products fall into the first category. A good example of this would be paying for an article submission service. You could certainly manually submit your articles to each directory, but it would take a considerable amount of your time. It is important for you to value your time in order to decide if the product or service makes sense for you. Those with more free time to spare, would likely receive a lower value from such a service than the business owner who has absolutely no time to manually submit articles. The value will be different for everyone, so consider your situation and see if it makes sense for you.

Finally, when considering a product or service, step back and consider your motive for purchasing the product. Are you looking to save time with a certain task or for expert advice? If so, you probably have a valid motive to purchase the product. Unfortunately, many business owners purchase these products out of fear or a false feeling of necessity. If business has slowed down or money is tight, it is very common to look for a product that will act as a cure. If you don’t believe me, take a look at all the millions of dollars that have been spent on products that offer instant riches with little to no effort. Keep this in mind… there is no marketing product out there that will bring you lots of money in a very short period of time. Even if there was, the cost of the product would be high enough that it would take time to earn it back. If you find yourself buying a product as a way to “turn things around”, make sure you are very careful. Too many times, people make poor or unnecessary purchases because the were just hoping for change. More often than not, they end up disappointed and with even less money in their wallets.

Internet Marketing Products

There are various forms of business that you can consider to be on the internet. These various businesses require their own set of skill and know how to perform efficiently. You can become seller of your own product although this is stressful and will consume a lot of your time. This is because it will consume a lot of your time. You have to not only worry about the sales of your products but also the production and stock of your products. But if you are marketing your products then you will have the best knowledge about your product and your will be in direct control of your sales demand and supply. You can also become an affiliate and sell products for someone else. This way you only need to worry about the marketing and selling of the products. Everything else will be taken care of by the actual owner of the company. The third business that you can do on the internet is to give out some form of service that supports the other two businesses. This can vary from site promotion to Search engine optimization.

Each of these businesses have their pros and cons attached to them. There are many types of associated services also that you can do to make money on the internet. You can promote the products that are themselves used for internet marketing. You should be ready to work and to devote times behind the service that you are giving. A business on the internet is as hectic as a normal business. But with the correct use of the internet marketing products you can earn a good margin of profit with the least amount of effort on the business. You should make yourself aware of these products and services at the very inception of your business. If you are equipped with more marketing devices then your site is bound to become more popular than your competitors.

You have to choose the right type of service that you are going to supply to be successful. If you choose the wrong service or the product then you are going to waste your time and effort over some fruitless efforts. Therefore only choose the products that you have confidence upon. You should also be versatile with the market and be able to jump from one product to another to grow and expand your business. Therefore you need to make your decision wisely.

Affiliate Programs and Internet Marketing Products

If you’re wondering if affiliate programs and internet marketing products are right for your business, look at the benefits they offer. First of all, you don’t have to come up with your own product. There are no production costs and many times, there are no shipping and handling concerns. The parent company will take care of the delivery methods and sometimes, the products are electronic (as in the case of plr products) and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Secondly, many of these programs and products give you help with your internet marketing strategy by offering sales materials for you to use. You don’t need to create your own buttons or banners to advertise on your site. They will provide you with all these materials so you can easily post them on your own website.

There are the three main sites for affiliate programs and internet marketing products. There are still more sites available, but these sites offer a wide variety of products to choose from and they also offer some type of management support for the programs you join. The sites are:

1) Commission Junction (
2) Clix Galore (
3) ClickBank (

Take a look at any of these sites and you’ll see the large number of products available including private label products. However, there are still more places out there that offer great affiliate programs, but do not participate in these affiliate groups. How do you find those sites? Search on Google (or any search engine you prefer) and you’ll find millions of sites available. Look on each site and see if there’s an affiliate program available and what the terms are.

Some affiliate program will also offer training. While this is not common, there are still several places that will teach you how to set up your website for success and teach you how to market. Many affiliate programs also contain forums that offer answers to basic questions or issues.

An additional stream of income is not as far off as you might think it is. You just have to get in the game and start looking at which affiliate program and internet marketing product is right for you!