Finding a Top Network Marketing Product Company

What does a Top Network Marketing Product Company look like? When you begin looking at any potential network marketing opportunity, whether online or off-line… What exactly should you look for?

If you can pull all the pieces of this puzzle together what you’ll have is a legitimate business opportunity well suited to helping you create long term residual income. After all, this is what the true standard for success is in network marketing is… long term residual income.

Network marketing success is NOT about becoming rich overnight or about effortlessly creating wealth for yourself. However, the principle of true network marketing and long term residual income is founded on the financial hopes and dreams of people just like you and me. So, it’s easy to understand where some slight confusion can cloud proper judgment.

With this in mind, let’s layout some important characteristics for potential top network marketing product company that can truly help make your financial hopes and dreams a reality…

There is first and foremost, an important distinction to make between creating highly leveraged income and just plain income. You may be tempted to think, “Hey, income is income…One is just as good as the other, right?!?” Unfortunately, no… One is NOT just as good as the other.

Many opportunities that claim to offer the financial freedom of true network marketing only amount to “flash in the pan” income generation. Although you may earn large checks quickly, these “flash in the pan” companies come and go just as quickly.

The real power of network marketing lies in highly leveraged income generation. Here’s what I mean…

If you decided to quit your day job right now most likely you’d also stop being paid. That’s not very leveraged at all. What if you decided to quit and your boss said, “Hey, you know, you did such a great job when you started last year that I’ve decided to just keep on paying you!” This is the power of true network marketing.

So, here are the pieces to that very valuable puzzle…

You’ll only want to invest your time and energy into a company that has strong finances and strong management. After all, how can a company help you make money when they aren’t making money themselves. It would be equally difficult looking for direction from a business that could use some help in that department themselves.

Your top network marketing product company of choice should also have a unique and consumable product. The fewer places people can go to obtain your product other than you and your company the better. Simple supply and demand. Also, having a consumable product means that there has to be a need for customers to replace the supplies they purchase from you on a regular basis. The more regular the basis, the better.

Your company should also offer little or no risk for prospective business builders. This reduced risk should be present in the form of low entry/enrollment fees associated with joining the organization. Also, reduced individual risk by company supported guarantees for customer satisfaction or “risk free” product trials is a must have.

The final piece to the top network marketing product company puzzle has to do with keeping your down line happy and productive once you have them on your team. Low personal production requirements does a great job of helping you to accomplishing this task. Low personal production requirements means your company is helping you to grow your business by making it as easy as possible for associates to generate income for their efforts.

When combined, all these pieces of the puzzle form the perfect picture for creating long term residual income.