How Many Times Did You Buy the Same Internet Marketing Product?

That it is possible to make money by advertising ClickBank products on AdWords is no secret. Yet, there seems to be about one guy a week who claims to have come up with a better, more effective and indefinitely more beautiful way of doing just that.

It is easy to get the feeling that the real business in all of this is for the guy(s) selling the ClickBank+AdWords=true products.

How many products like that do we actually need?

Something familiar about it

I think anyone who has been involved in Internet marketing for some time, and who has followed the development of the broad selection of tools, courses and systems out there have sooner or later experienced a feeling of déjà vu.

“Haven’t I seen the very same thing in a very similar product before?”

“The sales letter is very professional indeed, but is there really anything new and different about this product, except that there is another guy behind it?”

In this authors experience these are indeed relevant questions. With the invention of PLR products, there is in fact a chance of buying exactly the same product twice, even if the packaging and the mandatory signature at the bottom of the sales page would have you believe that this is the only place you can get this particular offer.

Thankfully enough most people don’t take the time to “disguise” their PLR stuff to the level where it is no longer obvious that it is indeed the very same product you remembered seeing earlier on, on another website.

Would you sell the trick?

An interesting question you sooner or later ask yourself when it comes to internet marketing products is:

“If this is such a big million dollar, once in a lifetime secret only this guy knows about, why is he willing to tell me about it for 77 dollars?!”

It is not unjust or naive to be asking that question. After all, if someone indeed knows how to make gold from solid rock or gasoline out of water, why would they sell you the trick instead of the end product – at any price?

The sales pitches often would have you believe that it is either out of the marketer’s good heart, or that he simply isn’t afraid of the competition.

The real reason more likely is the fact that it is possible to make huge amounts of cash very quickly, by successfully launching a product in the Internet marketing niche.

But that still doesn’t answer the question why many Internet marketers seem content with buying the same product repeatedly?

Personally I think one of the biggest reasons is that many small entrepreneurs are afraid of missing the big money train.

It is generally accepted that the fear of loss, pain etc. is a more highly motivating factor than its more positive equivalent. For this reason these aspects are usually heavily emphasized in the sales letters. The goal is inevitably to get the reader to feel that he is missing out on the next big thing, if he or she chooses to pass up on this opportunity.

So what is the beginning online entrepreneur to think about all of this? Is there gold in them mountains or what?

To begin with I would recommend that you learn to skip all the fluff in Internet marketing sales letters. Only briefly look at what the marketer is presenting as “the problem”, rapidly skip past the “I was just like you part” and try to pick out only the parts that says what the product actually does.

Then you’ve got to ask yourself the questions if that is something you actually need or goal you want to pursue. Or if you are perhaps better of focusing on the projects you are already working on.