How To Diversify Your Direct Marketing Products

The real beauty in a good sales or marketing funnel is that you can take valuable direct marketing products from the top tier and market features of them for less money. The ability to diversify the same product by offering the individual benefits supports your entire funnel.

Let’s Break It Down

For instance a high retail membership in an exclusive club always has a variety of features that make the offer worth the asking price. With a little creative thinking you can find ways to offer middle and lower tier product lines that are still valuable on their own.

Providing that these lesser offers still result in satisfied customers, that top tier product or elite membership will always be enticing. Someone who’s already purchased from you is far more likely to purchase from you again. Your future offers and bonuses carry more weight with someone who already knows how valuable your goods are.

Plugging The Leaks

A leaky funnel is just steps away from a more comprehensive plan. Careful tracking and feedback can help conversions at any level but price options always convert at a higher rate.

Even though a buyer can afford the top of the line doesn’t mean they’ll make that decision every time. Upgrades are famous because consumers can find real quality in the first model. Drawing more buyers into your business is always more desirable than contacts, leads and prospects.

Under Promising and Over Delivering

Imagine how exciting it is to find out a purchase you made is worth far more than what it actually cost. Being introduced to a brand in that way produces brand loyalty that isn’t easily lost. Every subsequent offer from a brand that is known to exceed expectations has already achieved a comfort level with customers. The elimination of buyer’s remorse is far quicker when the relationship is cultivated on a basis of actual value. Future purchases are made with confidence in the brand name.

What The Affiliates Want

If you’re lucky enough to generate the interest of affiliate marketers to move your products and services, then luck probably had nothing to do with it. There are far too many great opportunities out there for affiliates to waste their time on something they can’t sell.

Diversification works well for affiliates because they get a better ROI on the cost of the leads they generate. A good quality low price item is usually more than enough to cover their operating expenses; the rest becomes profit.

High ticket direct marketing products are always enticing to the consumer base to which they’re intended but building a client base that is familiar with portions of those products will always lead to future sales.