How To Succeed Without Buying Expensive Internet Marketing Products

For several years I have bought expensive internet marketing products and courses and have probably spent over £20,000 or $45,000 on them. Was this money wasted or was it worth it?

Can you succeed without buying expensive courses and products?

My front room is filled with products by the great American and Canadian gurus like Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner, John Reese, Corey Rudl, Derek Gehl and Randy Charach

I also have high ticket internet marketing products and courses by British marketing experts like Andrew Reynolds, John Lisgo, John Harrison and Michael Green.

The upside of this is that I have at my fingertips all the information I need to learn how to make money on the net. Possessing all these products can only increase one’s confidence.

I know that I can be inspired and informed any time I have the energy and determination to take out a manual and study it or have an hour or so to watch a DVD on internet marketing.

The downside is that because so much is available, I have had trouble focusing on the advice of any one guru and several expensive courses are not even opened.

I don’t think I am alone in this. Some studies have shown that over 90% of people do not open the courses they buy. Of those, who do open the courses, the vast majority do not complete them.

It is only too easy to be distracted by the next best product being promoted heavily by expert marketers who know how to make the product they are currently promoting seem indispensable.

By the time large amounts of money have been spent on expensive courses and seminars, much less money is available to advertise the products you need to sell to make money on the net. Also, much less money is available to pay for hosting, web-designing and mentoring.

Fortunately there are some solutions to the problems described above.

Do not buy the next best product or course until you have made full use of the last one you bought. If we actually read and apply what we learn from an expensive course, we will be able to pay for the next expensive course without stretching our resources.

The net is crowded with the testimonials of those who have profited from the advice in the course they paid for because they took action and applied what they learned.

Another solution is to wait until the expensive course on offer has been around for a few months or even weeks. Usually a less expensive alternative will appear magically either from the original product creator or from other marketers who have created their own versions of the original.

For example, early in 2006, the talk was about a great product by Mike Filsaime. Mike is a highly respected internet marketing guru and many people have praised the power of this product. The original price of it was $997. The price has now increased to $1497.

However, part of the original product is now available at a much cheaper price and many marketers are describing this part as the heart of the product. If you can’t afford the whole product, buy a cheaper part of it.

More recently, Ewen Chia, has put a mega product on affiliate marketing on sale at a high price but already I have seen at least one alternative which claims to include some of the material to be found in the expensive product. The alternative is much cheaper.

Another solution is to follow the step by step advice of an experienced mentor. I am currently following the advice of a highly successful marketer and a very capable mentor. Already I have learned and achieved more than I have from all those expensive courses that I have not yet opened.

To sum up, make full use of the last product you bought before you buy anything else. Learn and apply what you learn. Wait until you can buy a cheaper alternative to the product or course you cannot afford. Follow the steps laid out by an experienced mentor.

This will help you focus on one course of action instead of flying like a butterfly from one attractive offer to another.