Increase Internet Marketing Productivity by Creating a Work Plan

Internet marketers have deceived a lot of new entrepreneurs by painting a poor picture of what internet marketing productivity is all about. If you listen to many gurus you’ll get an inaccurate picture of your workday. The average marketer will tell you that it’s all about putting up your website, buying their software package, and waiting (passively) for the profits to roll in.

More realistic entrepreneurs already understand that’s not how it works, but they may not understand exactly what the daily “work” of internet marketing is all about. This can lead to a few futile, half-hearted blog posts, a few attempts to post a link here and there, and a few other scattered efforts that never amount to very much. Clicking “refresh” on your blog all day long or hopelessly searching the internet for the latest secret technique is not going to get you to the wealth and riches that you are hoping to receive.

Productivity begins with researching the various tasks associated with internet marketing. These tasks could be very simple, including:

• Finding and following blogs so that you can participate in the comments section and build back links.
• Creating and submitting guest posts to said blogs to build still more back links, and credibility.
• Posting new content to your blog two times a week.

Of course, these three examples truly only scratch the surface of the wealth of tasks you could be doing to promote your website. However, they are also examples of concrete work you can be doing. Assigning a time limit to each task and resolving to perform each task every single working day can put you well on your way towards creating a full, productive day.

The day does not have to be long-that is, after all, the premise behind “The Four Hour Workweek” and other books that have sparked the internet marketing revolution. It just has to be productive enough to actually achieve the objective of promoting your website. Websites are found when you take the time to place breadcrumbs (links) leading back to those sites. You have to work diligently to make those breadcrumbs relevant and visible. Days of productive trail blazing can eventually lead you to that site which supports itself and which does not require your daily direct intervention, but until it does productivity is a good strategy.

You can think of your plan as a written job description, a contract that you are writing with yourself which outlines everything you are committing to doing in order to be successful. At the very least, your internet marketing productivity plan will give you a solid start and some sense of what you should be doing. You can take the time to master the techniques now, so long as you are doing something to promote your business every single day.

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