Internet Marketing Products Not Worth Their Salt

Those seeking to build an income online are besieged constantly with offers of products that will ‘transform’ their efforts multifold. However are they worth their salt and our money?

Sadly or unfortunately, many internet marketing products are not worth their salt (to paraphrase Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe) – a sentiment I agree with and many others also do likewise I’m sure.

Some of the worst are software products that promise the earth, yet either deliver little or fade away after time or require an upgrade in the cost to really provide benefit.

These products may be link builders, traffic generators, article spinners and re-writers or SEO generating software that guarantees improved page ranking.

One of the worst aspects of these products is that usually they are based on a monthly fee and you keep paying month after month – all the while, you are still trying to, at minimum, recoup that fee, let alone actually make a profit.

In the long run, as many have experienced, most of what is ‘offered’ is either available for free or through e-books that can be acquired at a fraction of the proposed costs by some marketers.

The basics of it marketing is easily acquired knowledge – at no cost. Further learning is also at one fingers tips through forums, ezines such as this one – just do a search and see what is here alone. Also many good (read trustworthy) marketers provide online tips and ideas for free on their websites – for example Harvey Segal.

Understandably, most of us like the idea of software that will save us time and bring in an income more quickly. The reality is that it does take time and effort and no software will replace that.

Of course there are programs that make life easier – for example, those that automate our email campaigns, but these are a different kettle of fish than those that will “let us in on a secret that no one else knows” – yeah right. It’s funny how these are still ‘secret’ when being emailed to thousands!

What is most deceptive, to my mind, is that none of these offers refer to the need to have a significant list – nor do they really help you build one.

Any new internet marketer should keep a tight lock on the wallet and really know what is needed and what is out there for free before buying into programs and software that make ‘promises’ to help you also generate thousands of dollars.