Important Aspects of Marketing Products Online

There are a number of tools that you can use for marketing products online. There are social media networks, forums, free advertising websites, paid advertising and much more. You need to go through your options, find out which ones reach your target audience and make the most of them while staying within your budget. It is easy to spend a lot of money on marketing and not have any results. Many beginners experience this when they are doing the marketing themselves. This can be considered as a learning process.

You can prevent this by keeping a close watch on the marketing methods that are working for you and those that aren’t. When you find something isn’t working, change or eliminate it and focus on those that are bringing positive results.

Once you have it sorted out which marketing methods you will be using, you can create a better plan for these promotions. It is essential that you have such a plan so that you can remain focused on your objectives. Have goals with marketing products online so that you will always have something to work towards and have something to mark your progress with.

In terms of the spending on these promotions, create a budget divided into the groups of methods that you are using. Stick to this budget unless you save funds on another aspect or gain more to allocate to this area. Try to find good deals for advertising if possible and take advantage of free offers. You might be surprised at how much business you can obtain from free methods of marketing.

There is a lot of time taken marketing products online. There is probably more at the beginning when you are just getting started. You have to create a certain level of visibility for others to even find you online then you have to create a good reputation. This takes a lot of time and effort but it is necessary. Of course, you have to keep this effort consistent to keep the business growing.

It is this amount of time and effort that marketing takes that encourages individuals to hire professionals. They create a marketing plan for you with your supervision. They already know how to reach your target market and they understand the most effective promotional methods for this. They not only create the plan but they also implement it. This saves you a lot of time and hassle. You are left to concentrate on running your business while they continue marketing products online for you. They also give you reports to show their work and the results.

While some businesses do make plenty of profit without these services, the most successful ones outsource this marketing because of the time it saves and the results that are given.

How to Find Profitable Niche Marketing Products

Simply discovering a great niche might seem like your ticket to success but in all reality you can find the best kept secret niche in the world, but with out the right niche marketing products to sell to it you have really got nothing. Luckily there are some ways to discover the hot niche marketing products that are going to convert like crazy for your niche. Below we will discuss some of the best places to find niche marketing products and what to look for.

The Best place to find hot niche marketing products is Clickbank is great because almost all of their products pay a 50 to 75% commission. So head over to Clickbank now in a separate window and let’s take a look at some products.

When you arrive on the home page click on the link at the top of the page that says ‘marketplace’. If you are not yet signed up as a clickbank affiliate it’s ok, we can still browse through the marketplace. However, I suggest you sign up soon, it is easy and free.

Once we are in the marketplace you will notice there is a box with several different search features. You can search for niche marketing products by category, sub-category, and even by entering a specific keyword. Whenever you do a search you will be provided a list of products that match your search and a brief description of each.

There are certain criteria that we want our niche marketing products to meet in order to assure that they will sell well to our market.

Below each product listed in green lettering you will see:

$/sale – This is how much your commission amount will be for every referral sale.

%/sale – This is the percentage of the product’s sale price $/sale represents ($/sale is more important).

%refd – This is the percentage of sales of the product come from affiliate sales.

grav – This is the “gravity” of the product, or a measure of how many affiliates are promoting it (it’s not a straight count).

Now lets discuss what we are looking for among these things.

Ideally we want the $/sale to be greater than $20. We want to make sure we are getting a decent profit from promoting this product. The %/sale is not as important. just make sure they are paying at least 50% commission or higher. %refd is a good indicator of how well this product has done for other affiliates. If this percentage is low then this is a sign that affiliates who have promoted this in the past have probably not had much success and decided to stop. Grav is the most important factor to consider when looking for profitable niche marketing products to sell. Shoot for a gravity between 60 and 100. Anything below 60 probably isn’t popular enough to sell well and anything over 100 is probably to saturated already.

There are exceptions to this and if you are having trouble finding something within this range it just remember a higher gravity is better than a lower one.

The last thing to check out it the actual sales page of the product in question. Does it seem compelling? Would you consider buying it? Does the sales page copy, layout, graphics and overall visual representation look up to date and appealing? Use you better judgement here. if a product’s sales page seems dull and boring to you then it probably will to your customers also.

Aside from looking through the clickbank marketplace another great method for tracking down hot products to promote in your niche is to browse through some forums that are related to your niche. Often times you will see threads about certain products and what average people who bought them really think.

You may also want to do some searches on Google using keywords related to your niche. Look through the results and see if you can find what other people are promoting in your niche. If you see something that seems to be popular then that it a good sign people in your niche like it and are buying it. Just make sure it is a product that will be worth your while to promote.

Finding good niche marketing products [] that convert is crucial to your success in any niche. No matter how hard you presell and and create traffic if the product is a dud then it won’t sell period. Luckily you are now armed with an array of tools and ideas for finding profitable niche marketing products.

Are You Addicted To Buying Internet Marketing Products?

Are you addicted to buying Internet marketing products? In this article I am going to discuss why this is bad for you and your online success and what you can do about it.

There are many Internet marketing products on the market and new ones come out every day promising certain things such as more money, more traffic, more subscribers, etc. The sales letters have been written in such a way as to entice you to press the buy now button and buy into the promises that are made in the sales letter. However, many of these products are either the same as those before them, or they are new fads.

One thing we know about fads is that they never stick around for long, they are here one day and gone the next.

However, there is a huge amount of satisfaction from buying something that sounds really good and that everyone else is buying into and that feel good factor can cause many people to become addicted to buying Internet marketing products.

If you are one of those then think about the following.

What have you bought?

Have a look in your bank account or PayPal account and look back over the last six months or year to see how much money you have spent on Internet marketing products. You might be surprised at how much you are actually spending!

There is nothing wrong with purchasing training material that is going to train and teach you and to improve your knowledge and skills. However, if you are not increasing your online success and basically that comes down to making money, then are those products really worth it?

What have you made?

Now I want you to have a look at how much money you have actually made during that same time period. This might be a little bit more difficult for you and if it is then one thing you need to do straight away is to create a spreadsheet so that you actually monitor what money you are making.

Have a look at the two values. How much you have spent and how much you have made? Are you in profit at the end of the day?

What to do about it

Building an online business is about developing your own set of skills and becoming an expert in what you do. If the products that you purchase is not improving your self-development then are they going to be worth it in the long run?

There will always be times when we need to find out how to do something but if you don’t relate that back to your business and how to incorporate it so that you develop your business mindset then is that product worth it?

Next time you are presented with a sales page just think about what is being offered and whether it will actually develop your business or whether you will be buying into a fad. Also ask yourself, are you willing to put in the effort to implement what you learn because it doesn’t matter how great a product is, unless you actually take action you will never see success.

How Many Times Did You Buy the Same Internet Marketing Product?

That it is possible to make money by advertising ClickBank products on AdWords is no secret. Yet, there seems to be about one guy a week who claims to have come up with a better, more effective and indefinitely more beautiful way of doing just that.

It is easy to get the feeling that the real business in all of this is for the guy(s) selling the ClickBank+AdWords=true products.

How many products like that do we actually need?

Something familiar about it

I think anyone who has been involved in Internet marketing for some time, and who has followed the development of the broad selection of tools, courses and systems out there have sooner or later experienced a feeling of déjà vu.

“Haven’t I seen the very same thing in a very similar product before?”

“The sales letter is very professional indeed, but is there really anything new and different about this product, except that there is another guy behind it?”

In this authors experience these are indeed relevant questions. With the invention of PLR products, there is in fact a chance of buying exactly the same product twice, even if the packaging and the mandatory signature at the bottom of the sales page would have you believe that this is the only place you can get this particular offer.

Thankfully enough most people don’t take the time to “disguise” their PLR stuff to the level where it is no longer obvious that it is indeed the very same product you remembered seeing earlier on, on another website.

Would you sell the trick?

An interesting question you sooner or later ask yourself when it comes to internet marketing products is:

“If this is such a big million dollar, once in a lifetime secret only this guy knows about, why is he willing to tell me about it for 77 dollars?!”

It is not unjust or naive to be asking that question. After all, if someone indeed knows how to make gold from solid rock or gasoline out of water, why would they sell you the trick instead of the end product – at any price?

The sales pitches often would have you believe that it is either out of the marketer’s good heart, or that he simply isn’t afraid of the competition.

The real reason more likely is the fact that it is possible to make huge amounts of cash very quickly, by successfully launching a product in the Internet marketing niche.

But that still doesn’t answer the question why many Internet marketers seem content with buying the same product repeatedly?

Personally I think one of the biggest reasons is that many small entrepreneurs are afraid of missing the big money train.

It is generally accepted that the fear of loss, pain etc. is a more highly motivating factor than its more positive equivalent. For this reason these aspects are usually heavily emphasized in the sales letters. The goal is inevitably to get the reader to feel that he is missing out on the next big thing, if he or she chooses to pass up on this opportunity.

So what is the beginning online entrepreneur to think about all of this? Is there gold in them mountains or what?

To begin with I would recommend that you learn to skip all the fluff in Internet marketing sales letters. Only briefly look at what the marketer is presenting as “the problem”, rapidly skip past the “I was just like you part” and try to pick out only the parts that says what the product actually does.

Then you’ve got to ask yourself the questions if that is something you actually need or goal you want to pursue. Or if you are perhaps better of focusing on the projects you are already working on.