How To Diversify Your Direct Marketing Products

The real beauty in a good sales or marketing funnel is that you can take valuable direct marketing products from the top tier and market features of them for less money. The ability to diversify the same product by offering the individual benefits supports your entire funnel.

Let’s Break It Down

For instance a high retail membership in an exclusive club always has a variety of features that make the offer worth the asking price. With a little creative thinking you can find ways to offer middle and lower tier product lines that are still valuable on their own.

Providing that these lesser offers still result in satisfied customers, that top tier product or elite membership will always be enticing. Someone who’s already purchased from you is far more likely to purchase from you again. Your future offers and bonuses carry more weight with someone who already knows how valuable your goods are.

Plugging The Leaks

A leaky funnel is just steps away from a more comprehensive plan. Careful tracking and feedback can help conversions at any level but price options always convert at a higher rate.

Even though a buyer can afford the top of the line doesn’t mean they’ll make that decision every time. Upgrades are famous because consumers can find real quality in the first model. Drawing more buyers into your business is always more desirable than contacts, leads and prospects.

Under Promising and Over Delivering

Imagine how exciting it is to find out a purchase you made is worth far more than what it actually cost. Being introduced to a brand in that way produces brand loyalty that isn’t easily lost. Every subsequent offer from a brand that is known to exceed expectations has already achieved a comfort level with customers. The elimination of buyer’s remorse is far quicker when the relationship is cultivated on a basis of actual value. Future purchases are made with confidence in the brand name.

What The Affiliates Want

If you’re lucky enough to generate the interest of affiliate marketers to move your products and services, then luck probably had nothing to do with it. There are far too many great opportunities out there for affiliates to waste their time on something they can’t sell.

Diversification works well for affiliates because they get a better ROI on the cost of the leads they generate. A good quality low price item is usually more than enough to cover their operating expenses; the rest becomes profit.

High ticket direct marketing products are always enticing to the consumer base to which they’re intended but building a client base that is familiar with portions of those products will always lead to future sales.

Internet Marketing Products Not Worth Their Salt

Those seeking to build an income online are besieged constantly with offers of products that will ‘transform’ their efforts multifold. However are they worth their salt and our money?

Sadly or unfortunately, many internet marketing products are not worth their salt (to paraphrase Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe) – a sentiment I agree with and many others also do likewise I’m sure.

Some of the worst are software products that promise the earth, yet either deliver little or fade away after time or require an upgrade in the cost to really provide benefit.

These products may be link builders, traffic generators, article spinners and re-writers or SEO generating software that guarantees improved page ranking.

One of the worst aspects of these products is that usually they are based on a monthly fee and you keep paying month after month – all the while, you are still trying to, at minimum, recoup that fee, let alone actually make a profit.

In the long run, as many have experienced, most of what is ‘offered’ is either available for free or through e-books that can be acquired at a fraction of the proposed costs by some marketers.

The basics of it marketing is easily acquired knowledge – at no cost. Further learning is also at one fingers tips through forums, ezines such as this one – just do a search and see what is here alone. Also many good (read trustworthy) marketers provide online tips and ideas for free on their websites – for example Harvey Segal.

Understandably, most of us like the idea of software that will save us time and bring in an income more quickly. The reality is that it does take time and effort and no software will replace that.

Of course there are programs that make life easier – for example, those that automate our email campaigns, but these are a different kettle of fish than those that will “let us in on a secret that no one else knows” – yeah right. It’s funny how these are still ‘secret’ when being emailed to thousands!

What is most deceptive, to my mind, is that none of these offers refer to the need to have a significant list – nor do they really help you build one.

Any new internet marketer should keep a tight lock on the wallet and really know what is needed and what is out there for free before buying into programs and software that make ‘promises’ to help you also generate thousands of dollars.

Create An Internet Marketing Product That Sells

Create an Internet marketing product that sells is very difficult nowadays since there is so much competition in this niche. For all the right reasons since buyers in this market are passionate and will buy again and again.

With so many competitors writing on the same topic, it’s hard to persuade the people that your product is the one they should buy.

Unless you’re already well-known in the field, people are not going to believe in your expertise to teach them and would rather choose a guru’s product.

So how can you win over customers if you don’t have a well-established reputation?

Here are the steps you need to carry out to create an Internet marketing product that sells:

1. Hot Topic

If you want to get attention for your product, the topic matters a lot. Always choose a topic that people regularly talk about and that is always brought up in conversations on blog or in forums.

Topics like Facebook, social marketing, list building, blogging are always in demand. If you choose a wrong topic that hardly gets any interest, you’ll definitely struggle with selling the product.

2. The Offer

Next you need to create a good offer. An offer that the buyers don’t need to consider what your track record is because it’s so good.

For example, if you sold a list building course for twenty dollars and offered bonus interviews with other experts, a transcription of the interviews and an audio recording of your ebook, and a live webinar, buyers won’t need to think too much about getting your product.

This is called an irresistible offer. If your offer is already an amazing deal, then making the sale is relatively easy.

3. Create the ‘aha’ moment

With your product, you need to create an ‘aha’ moment. If possible put this at the front and another one near the end of your product.

Your customers will be drawn to consume your product when you offer a good ‘aha’ moment right at the beginning. The ‘aha’ moment at the end will give them a good lasting impression of your ebook.

So what is an ‘aha’ moment?

It’s when you explain the same principles, but give it a slight twist.

For example, instead of explaining how to install a blog, you can explain how to install several blogs in one domain and to personalize each of them.

Since the majority of products talk about installing one blog on a domain, you can be different and talk about installing multiple blogs.

See how easy it is? You don’t need to reveal something ground breaking. Just be slightly original and make people remember you.

4. Getting the feedback

Since you have priced your product so low but have delivered excellent value and information, your buyers and affiliates will become your fans.

You have proven yourself to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and a good business man.

This is the kick start you need to start your online business. You can now sell more expensive products to these existing customers since they now trust and know that you will deliver as promised.

10 Top Network Marketing Products

The best network marketing products have a few things in common.

First, there are plenty of items to go around. An original oil, no matter how beautiful, just doesn’t qualify here. A quality giclee reproduction does count.

Second, there is solid profit in it. You can either make a lot of money from a few sales, or a little money from a lot of sales. But a little money from few sales doesn’t work.

Third, these are marketing products that you have access to. There may be a great audio program on your topic that you know you could make a lot of money on, but if you can’t become an affiliate it doesn’t do you any good.

And most importantly, it must be a product that reflects your website topic. Selling vitamins on a site for jalopy owners really makes you seem desperate. No matter how desperate you really are, don’t admit it. Stick with on-topic products and you will do better over the long run. Your online business needs to reflect the same quality as a brick and mortar store would have, if not more.

Even those four qualifiers immediately disqualify about 98% of the products out there for most sites. So, what’s left? Well, here are our choices for the ten Best Network Marketing Products:

1. Natural products. Everything natural had its real hey day back in the 1960s. Surprisingly, there is a new surge in natural stuff. Natural cosmetics, natural clothing, natural vitamins, natural food. Everything.

2. Cosmetics. Speaking of cosmetics, women seem to have an insatiable appetite for looking beautiful. Choose a topic and a product that is a specialized niche, like mineral make up, and your sales will be much stronger than if you generalize for all types of makeup.

3. Vitamins and age-defying products. The world is getting older. No one likes to look older, or feel older. There is a big market for products that can rejuvenate and provide a barrier against aging.

4. Retirement options. Yep. All those people need places to live. They need products that make their lives easier and ensure their mobility. Even tours designed for retired people are a good option – 70 and 80 year old don’t usually move as rapidly as teenagers, and they appreciate a bit slower paced travel event.

5. Parties. Kids parties. Retirement parties. Birthday parties. Quincineras. Bar and bat mitzvahs. All kinds of parties need decorations, ideas, and all kinds of network marketing products.

6. Designer clothing for large women. People are becoming super sized. Women in particular, no matter what their age, like to look sharp. Present great options for stylish attire. This is definitely a top network marketing product idea.

7. Children’s clothing and toys. There are soon going to be lots more grandparents than grandchildren. That means that lots of grandparents are going to lavish their grandkids with lovely toys, clothing and goodies.

8. Auto accessories. Guys still have more love affairs with cars than with ladies. I don’t even know the names of all the doodads they put on their cars, but there are lots of them. And there is lots of money to be made with these top network marketing products.

9. Movies. We are all still replacing our old videos with the new CD format, so there are millions and millions of movies yet to be sold. Pick your topic, and get a great selection for your clients to buy.

10. Self improvement products. The market for gaining self-confidence and friends and jobs has never waned. This has been a top network marketing product area for many years, and will likely be so for many more years to come.

Don’t see your favorite among these top network marketing products? Not to worry. There’s lots of room for your creative ideas as well.